Fun in the Sun with Rock Tackle Co. and CAST for Kids

Saturday, 4/28/18, Langhorne Manor, 6am — The morning fog still covered the ground as we got to the pond at Cairn University. Seil Park, Rock Tackle Co’s Product Specialist, worked In conjunction with Jeff Barnes, the Eastern Director for C.A.S.T. for Kids, to coordinate all of the necessary volunteers and fishing gear needed for the kids to

How To Fish Efficiently This Spring

Gearing up for spring fishing means getting your rods, reels, lures and rigs organized and ready to go. Think about how you organize your leaders when you fish. Do you keep them in the package, a plastic bag, or do you have some other method to organize your rigs? Fishing organized is vital so you

small tackle box fishing

Get Organized, Then Fish!

This is a common scenario if you are fishing from a boat…especially in the ocean. You are driving along and see birds working.  You are excited to approach the birds and start throwing lures…but there is one problem.  All of your leadered lures and rigs are in plastic packages or tangled up in your tackle box.  Getting

Carp Fishing

New Fish of the Week

As a saltwater fisherman, I am trying to expand my horizons and fish for some freshwater species that are fun to catch and are accessible without a boat. One of our product specialists, Seil Park,  took me Carp fishing.  It was a blast as we had 8 fish over 10 pounds.  This is accessible to

Grand Opening May 26

Join us Friday, May 26 for our grand opening of Rock Tackle Co! Our shop, located at 711 Asbury Ave, will be open to the public for the first time. Shop our apparel, fishing gear, and custom rods for every fisherman. We carry everything you’ll need for a great day on the water. Planning a